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Pet eco gifts

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a pet-parent in your life? Now you can help ensure their pet's carbon pawprint isn't contributing to climate change to help safeguard the future of all animals on earth


  • Reduce a pet's carbon footprint to ZERO for one full year by purchasing this gift.
  • Valid for dogs, cats, rabbits, iguanas and parrots - and almost any other type of pet you can think of. The world is your (pet) oyster of possiblities. 
  • Includes a personalised certificate to officially designate the pet as carbon neutral.


The average dog or cat in the UK accounts for 1 tonne of CO2e in the atmosphere every year. This comes from the production of their food, treats, vitamins and medicine, the waste they produce, their burps and farts, as well as all other ways they participate in our society. The carbon pawprint of other types of pets, such as rabbits or guinea pigs, is significantly smaller - about half or less that of cats and dogs. 


We make people and pets carbon neutral via carbon offsetting, funding top quality climate-positive projects for immediate impact and planting trees for the long term to remove more carbon than you contribute to the atmosphere. More info on that here: 

Pet eco gifts

PriceFrom £5.00
  • Your purchase funds clever climate projects which support biodiversity and fight climate change. These projects remove the same amount of harmful emissions from our atmosphere as your pet produces.

    Find out more about the projects we support at: 

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