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Climate Helpers Gift for Two

Know a couple who is passionate about the planet? Give the most environmentally friendly wedding gift ever by planting trees and reducing their carbon footprints to ZERO. A meaningful present which makes a difference for your favourite eco-conscious couple. 


What's included

  • 24 trees planted
  • 6.7 tonnes of CO2 removed via scientifically-proven climate solutions (equivalent of two people being 100% carbon neutral for 3 months)
  • Personalised digital certificate of carbon neutrality with the giftees' names
  • Information on the trees you've planted, the climate solutions you've supported and how it all works (all in a handy printable PDF)

  • Monthly updates on the couple's climate impact


Make it your own

  • Add a message to the lucky couple to make your gift even more personal
  • Tell us on which date you'd like them to receive their gift via email so you don't have to worry about it arriving on time
  • Provide us with either of their emails and we'll do the rest. This way we can directly send them their personalised certificates and information on their positive climate impact 
  • If you don't have (or want to share) their emails, don't worry. We can send everything to your email so you can forward it, or print it and give it in person. 


Have you got any questions? Get in touch, we're happy to help! 

Climate Helpers Gift for Two

    • 24 trees planted
    • 6.7 tonnes of CO2 removed via scientifically-proven climate solutions
    • Personalised digital certificate of carbon neutrality with the giftees' named and the duration of their carbon offset
    • £1=£60: Every £1 spent on this gift creates at least £60 in environmental and social value
    • Monthly email updates on the couple's climate impact

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