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About us

We created ZeroSmart to make it easier for good people to have a great impact on our environment

It isn't easy knowing what needs to be done to prevent climate change.


It is also super hard to totally change your entire life. Not everybody can realistically become vegan overnight, entirely avoid plastic, or walk every day to work. 

We get it.


At ZeroSmart we wanted to make it easy for good people to make a positive difference in the world.


It doesn't have to be hard. 

There is a lot to do if we are going to avoid catastrophic climate change, but we are here to help you every step of the way. The solutions exist.


We set up ZeroSmart to make it easy for people to support scientific climate solutions and to create systemic change for the good of all humanity.


We set up ZeroSmart to make it easy for good people to know what they need to do and to help them to actually do it.


We set up ZeroSmart for you.

How does ZeroSmart work?

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Sign up to ZeroSmart

Fund climate solutions

Compensate your carbon footprint

Achieve your eco goals

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How do we reduce your carbon footprint to zero?

We support a two-step approach in making you carbon neutral:

1. Immediate impact with emissions reductions and removal solutions

2. Long-term protection of projects and systemic change

Tree planting

Trees are a natural carbon absorber and are a powerful tool for fighting climate change.

We're currently planting mangroves in the coastal regions of Madagascar with our partner The Eden Reforestation Projects

Nepal_2018_Nawalparasi_Nursery director

Scientific carbon reduction and removal

We invest your money into trusted scientific solutions that reduce and remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

All solutions we support are independently verified and certified by bodies such as the UN.


We partner with the world leaders in climate change prevention 


How the idea was born 

The seed was planted (see what we did there?) when we researched where our carbon footprint actually comes from and how much impact our eco actions were actually having. 

We were guilty of thinking that recycling every bit of plastic was all we needed to do to take care of the planet. But we found out that even if you recycled ALL of your waste, that would only reduce your carbon footprint by 3%. Crazy, we know. So it got us thinking - how can we do more? 

After a long time researching and reading scientific papers we discovered that the most effective solution solution consists of two key steps:

Step 1: Reduce your carbon footprint by as much as possible. This is an absolutely key step. We should all look to reduce our impact. Unfortunately, most people aren't sure how. Even more unfortunately, the average person can only reduce their carbon footprint by 18% - even if they take more extreme lifestyle measures such as becoming fully vegan, recycling everything, and never taking flights or driving. We decided we would help share knowledge on the most effective things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and so started an email newsletter (which you can still sign up to today). We should all reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can, but 18% just isn't enough to avoid climate change. This is where Step 2 comes in.

Step 2: Support scientific solutions and tree planting projects that reduce and remove huge amounts of harmful gasses from the atmosphere, this is called carbon offsetting.

The available options for offsetting our own carbon footprints weren't good. We had to either pay thousands of pounds up front or pay £20 per tree planted. The average person in the UK would need to plant over 6,000 trees to offset their lifestyle, so £20 per tree is just not realistic for most people. We knew what we could do, but regular people couldn't do it.


So, we looked into it some more (like really, really looked and read and researched) and we discovered something amazing. If we set up an organisation to empower people to take collective action we could all have a much bigger impact together. Together, we could pool our resources so we all benefit from the 'wholesale' prices which would allow us all to have a huge positive impact on the world at a realistic price per person.


ZeroSmart was born. 

We deeply believe that together, through the power of collective action, we can all make a real difference.

100% Transparency

Just like you, we care about our planet and its future. We started ZeroSmart to make it easy for people to have a positive impact on the environment, without having to give up their whole lives or spend a fortune. Which is why we're 100% transparent about how we do things at our organisation. 

If you're reading this part, you're probably most interested in what we do with your money. In short, we invest it in scientific projects that reduce and remove harmful emissions from Earth's atmosphere. For the long version, read on. 

ZeroSmart is a social enterprise. That means we exist to make a positive difference for social benefit. We are funded solely by our subscribers, not some faceless corporate business or greedy investors. We reinvest all profits to create even more social impact.

How is my money spent?


80% of your funds go directly to climate projects and the rest of it goes to helping ZeroSmart spread the word so more people can become carbon neutral.


The money we invest in climate projects is split between supporting verified and trustworthy immediate solutions (carbon reduction or retirement), and investing in long-term climate impact, such as tree planting. Just like any other charity or social enterprise, we need to keep some of your funds in the organisation - this allows us to run the organisation, pay people a fair wage, and to help more people do their bit to save the planet. 

80% = Climate projects.png

You can find out more information and see lots more photos (and evidence) about the projects we support in Our Projects page.

If you have any other questions at all, no matter how big or small, please do get in touch and we'll be happy to help you.



Co-founder and in charge of all things cute and eco, Eliana is the main power behind ZeroSmart. She is super smart and friendly. She is also in charge of the day-to-day running of the business & customer relations.

Founders of ZeroSmart, Eliana and John


Apart from being the co-founder, John is the voice of reason at ZeroSmart. He's in charge of the boring but important things like T&Cs and reading the scientific papers. He's smart, occasionally funny and full of good ideas.

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