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Aerial View of Deforestation

Protect Earth

A subscription to prevent climate change

A monthly subscription to prevent climate change

The easiest way to plant trees and offset your carbon footprint

Plant trees

Reduce CO2 emissions

Personalised certificate

Huge climate impact

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2 minutes

Our climate solution subscriptions

Choose your plan:

Most popular

Carbon Neutral Plan

£6 per month

The perfect sized plan for an average British citizen

4 trees planted every month

100% of your carbon footprint reduced

Biggest impact

Climate Positive Plan

£18 per month

Perfect for frequent flyers or those who want to contribute more

12 trees planted every month

3x impact. 3 carbon footprints reduced

1 footprint = 13.4 tonnes of CO2. We will reduce or remove 1 or 3 footprints worth of CO2 during each year of subscription

Subscripton plans

How it works

Sign up with ZeroSmart

Choose between our Carbon Neutral or Climate Positive plans

We calculate your carbon footprint

We use the UK average so there's no need for complex calculations

Plant native trees

Every month we plant trees to create long-term climate impact

Fund climate solutions

We remove CO2 equal to your footprint by supporting immediate climate projects

Updates on your climate impact

We regularly send you updates on the climate impact you've achieved

Live with a free climate consciousness

No more guilt that you're contributing to climate change

What our members say

"Easy sign up process and regular emails letting me know how the small amount I give each month is helping"

- Edward, Liverpool

Well done ZeroSmart


Cleared my conscience

"I've now cleared my conscience and created good Karma for me and the planet. It was so easy and quick to sign up. I would pay more for a tv license if I watched tv!"

- Klara, London

Parents and Toddler_edited.jpg

A better planet for our children

"I can't believe I didn't know about ZeroSmart before and how easy it is to make a difference to our environment"

- Oliver, Nottingham


We're rated 5 stars on Trustpilot, check out our reviews 

Your climate impact in detail

1) Plant trees​



2) Fund solutions

3) Create impact

1. You plant native tree species

  • Our tree planting and forest protection projects provide fair-wage employment for local people and ensure environmental impact long after planting.

  • Planting trees provides multiple environmental and social benefits, such as absorbing CO2, helping wildlife and biodiversity, and protecting against coastal erosion and natural disasters.

Indonesia_2018_Woman planting propagules 2.jpg

Locals planting mangroves at our tree planting site in Indonesia

Sir David Attenborough with a bird of paradise in papua new guinea © BBC

Sir David Attenborough with a bird of paradise, typically found in our protected forest area in Papua New Guinea © BBC

2. You fund verified climate solutions 

  • Your membership funds verified carbon-offsetting projects which immediately remove or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • These projects are verified and monitored by the world's most trustworthy organisations such as Gold Standard, Verra, and UNFCC

Every ZeroSmart project supports the UN's Sustainability Development Goals and provides social benefits such as fair-wage jobs, clean water, and clean energy.


3. Create environmental and social impact

       When you sign up with ZeroSmart you will:​

  • Plant trees every month 

  • Support climate projects which make a real difference, and receive updates when we introduce a new project

  • Offset CO2 equal to your carbon footprint making you carbon neutral

  • Receive a personalised certificate officially recognising your positive impact

  • Create verified environmental and social impact

  • Protect endangered species from extinction by preserving natural habitats such as forests, wetlands, and oceans. 


Children whose well-being our project in Papua New Guinea supports

In detail

We partner with the best in climate action

verra logo standards for a sustainable future
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC logo


Frequently asked questions

  • How many trees will I be planting?

Every month you will fund the planting of 4 trees if you chose the Carbon Neutral plan, or 12 trees if you chose the Climate Positive plan. 

Read more about our tree planting project in Madagascar. 

  • How do you calculate my carbon footprint?

We have used a mix of scientific sources to estimate an average carbon footprint for UK adults. We use the figure of 13.4 tonnes of CO2 per adult per year.


Carbon footprint measurements vary from around 6 tonnes of CO2 per person to 13.4 tonnes of CO2 per person. This is because different organisations measure emissions in different ways and some measurement methods do not take into account the wider impact of activity involved, such as how cutting down forests for wood leads to a larger carbon footprint as less carbon is being ‘sequestered’. 


We use the highest available figures. We use this higher measurement because it takes into account every known aspect of emissions activity. This helps us to ensure that you are offsetting enough to be carbon neutral.

  • ​How do you offset my carbon footprint?

To make you carbon neutral and offset 100% of your carbon footprint, we use a mixed strategy: we plant trees to create long-term climate impact and we also remove carbon directly and immediately by supporting climate projects

  • Where can I find out more about the projects you support?

We only fund the most trustworthy, fully-accredited, climate positive projects. We primarily work with organisations like the Eden Reforestation Projects and Gold Standard to plant trees and remove carbon emissions from our atmosphere. 


Unlike some other services, we only work with voluntary emissions removal. This means we do not fund projects that remove emissions that would have been removed anyway, such as when governments have made it compulsory. We do not just fund the cheapest possible projects, we ensure that our projects pay fair wages to all involved at every step of the process.


Read more about the projects your subscriptions will support here.

  • What does carbon neutral mean?

Carbon Neutral is a person who doesn't actively contribute carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

You can think of it like a seesaw - on one side you have how much carbon you produce and on the other side is how much carbon you remove from the atmosphere. When the seesaw is perfectly balanced and both sides are equal, that would be ‘carbon neutral’.

The amount of carbon we produce comes from almost everything we do. The food we eat, the ways we travel, the products we buy. Becoming carbon neutral is usually incredibly difficult. You can partially reduce your emissions by switching to veganism, recycling, or travelling using sustainable methods. Signing up for a ZeroSmart plan enables to you reduce your carbon footprint to zero

  • What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting means that you prevent or remove an equivalent amount (or more!) of greenhouse gas emissions than you create. Carbon offsetting is the quickest and most effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and to become carbon neutral.

For example, if you contribute the average UK amount of 13.4 tonnes of CO2 per year, you would need to plant 6,780 trees each year to remove those 13.4 tonnes of CO2. That tree planting activity to remove the CO2 would be ‘offsetting’. 


Offsetting can take many forms. Popular methods include planting trees, switching to more environmentally friendly energy sources (such as wind farms), gas capture, methane abatement, and improving energy efficiency (such as improving insulation). ZeroSmart supports a variety of different offsetting projects to ensure both short and long-term climate impact.

  • How does planting trees help reduce my carbon footprint?

Trees are natural 'carbon sinks'. This means that trees are great at taking CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in their trunks, leaves, roots, and the surrounding soil itself. CO2 can be locked up this way for a long time. By planting trees we can take carbon from the atmosphere and store it securely in places where it doesn't contribute towards climate change.

  • How can you prove my impact?

Every quarter we publish certificates of how many tonnes of CO2 we have offset. We also publish the receipts and certificates from our tree planting activity so you can see exactly how many trees we have planted for you. If you have signed up to our email list you will also receive updates on what impact you have had. You can find out accurate and up-to-date information about each project we support in their corresponding pages. Every photo used on a project page is from the actual project location. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

  • How much does a ZeroSmart plan cost?

You can choose between two subscription plans:

  • Carbon Neutral - £6 per month

  • Climate Positive - £18 per month

The Carbon Neutral plan removes 100% of your carbon footprint and plans 4 trees every month.

The Climate Positive plan achieves three times the value of the Carbon Neutral plan - you offset 3 carbon footprints and plant 12 trees every month. 


We also offer family subscriptions if you want to include your partner, children and/or pets.  

  • How can I cancel my subscription plan?

You can cancel your subscription plan any time by emailing Please allow up to 2 weeks before your next payment date to ensure that another payment doesn't come out. 

How many trees will I be planting?
How do you calculate my carbon footprint?
Where can I find out more about the projects you support?
What does carbon neutral mean?
What is carbon offsetting?
How does planting trees help reduce my carbon footprint?
How can you prove my impact?
How much does a ZeroSmart plan cost?
How can I cancel my subscription plan?
How do you offset my cabon footprint?
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