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Climate friendly workforce

Achieve your Net Zero targets. Make your team carbon neutral. Grow a company forest.


Your business can achieve massive climate impact

We help businesses achieve verified climate friendly workforce status.


Offset the carbon emissions from the personal and professional lives of your employees. Plant trees and support trusted scientific projects that reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions every month. 

Join the climate revolution for as little as £8 per employee per month. 

Your business impact

per employee, per year

60 trees planted

Sixty trees will be planted for each employee every year. We also ensure the trees' long-term protection and care.

16 tonnes of CO2 removed

We will remove greenhouse gases from both the personal and professional lives of each of your employees

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Certification badge

You receive a verified badge and certificate recognising your business as having a

Climate Friendly Workforce.

What is a Climate Friendly Workforce?

Employee carbon footprints offset

Every one of your staff members will become climate friendly. This means you'll be offsetting their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more.

All business travel offset

Some business trips are necessary. That's why all of our plans include business travel offsets as standard. Each employee's allowance is based on averages, so you don't have to track or calculate anything.

Plant trees & fund climate projects

You'll be funding the worlds best climate crisis solutions. Every month you'll be planting groves of trees in your company forest, and financing carbon reduction projects from around the world.

About ZeroSmart

ZeroSmart is an environmental social enterprise based in Lincolnshire, UK.


Our aim is to prevent climate change by:

  • planting and protecting 1 billion native trees by 2030;

  • funding scientific climate projects which reduce and remove CO2 from the atmosphere;

  • help UK businesses reach their Net Zero goals.

We only work with the best organisations, such as the UN, and our climate solutions are verified by the world's most trustworthy environmental certifiers. 


Our climate and social impact certified by Gold Standard ®


We are rated 5 stars on Trustpilot

Our partners

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Your subscription comes with sustainable benefits

1. A staff perk

Sustainability is among the most sought-after staff perks for employees in 2021. Retain your hires and attract the best talent with this incredible staff benefit.

2. All business travel offset

Our plans account for your every employee's business and personal travel. Because we use averages there are no complex calculations or tracking needed.​

3. Your own company forest

Cultivate a new kind of company legacy. Your will receive personalised monthly updates on your company forest and the projects you have supported which you can share with both your employees and customers.

4. Achieve CSR objectives

Achieve your company's sustainability goals with our effortless onboarding and expert support. 

5. Climate friendly badge

Show the world your climate friendly workforce and celebrate your extraordinary environmental impact. Our badges come in a range of styles and work with all websites.


Create your Climate Friendly Workforce

Our climate projects


  • Why choose ZeroSmart?

We created ZeroSmart to make it easy for businesses and organisations to make a genuine positive difference to the environment.

We run this platform in a way that totally aligns with that principle. We find and qualify the right projects that genuinely make a difference for you and make it easy for you to support those projects so that you can reap the benefits.

You need us to find and employ only the highest standard environmental projects, ensure and verify your impact, prioritise impact over profit, to run ZeroSmart company completely transparently, and be cost effective.

We’re a social enterprise and our team is motivated by securing a prosperous future for the planet.

Check out our About us page for more details on the above.

  • What is a climate friendly workforce?

A climate friendly workforce is where every person in your organisation has their entire carbon footprint offset because they work within your organisation.


The carbon footprint includes your employee’s time at work, business travel, and their time outside of work.


It is a popular employee perk and business differentiator that also helps you achieve your sustainability strategy.

  • How is it calculated?

We work with the law of averages, and we know that the average UK carbon footprint is 13.4 tonnes of CO2 per year. We then add a good amount of margin to be safe so we commit to reducing and removing 16 tonnes of CO2 for every person.


To correctly certify your organisation as having a Climate Friendly Workforce, we also need to take in to account those who travel more and offset more than the 16 tonnes.


Office Employee: Travels under 5,000 business miles by car or no more than 2 short-haul return flights, annually. By default we assume that all your employees fall within this category. If you have employees who travel more, please get in touch for a more accurate calculation of your business impact. 


Just a quick note on employees travelling by plane: aviation is a huge source of greenhouse gases and is almost entirely incompatible with hitting the world's climate goals for 2030. Please make every effort to replace your reliance on air travel within your business. Get in touch for tips on how you can do this.

  • How does offsetting work? Is planting trees enough?

Every ZeroSmart subscription is used for two purposes: to reduce and remove your carbon footprint through verified carbon projects, and – additionally – to plant trees.


Trees take a long time to grow to a size where they remove significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. That is why we use the two-step process where we clean your carbon footprint using scientific projects for immediate impact while planting trees for additional benefits such as safeguarding nature's biodiversity and for long-term impact.


The carbon offset projects you fund, such as renewable energy and carbon removal, meet the highest verification standards and are verified and regularly independently monitored by organisations including the Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard. We prioritise environmental impact while also aiming to fund offset projects which meet other important sustainability and development standards like the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Until they are several years old, your baby trees are not mature enough to sequester carbon in large quantities – and those verification programmes which do exist often will not verify carbon removal from trees until they are around 10 years old. That’s why we do not count your trees as contributing towards offsetting your footprint – and only offset using verified carbon credits. Of course – your trees are still out there, quietly sucking up carbon all the same!


You can find out more about the projects our community supports here

  • Can I offset the business's entire carbon footprint?

Absolutely, but this is a much trickier process. It is one of the main reasons we created ZeroSmart as full calculations are time and cost intensive, and therefore adds a barrier for many organisations to make any positive impact at all.

For those that really want to get in to the nuts and bolts of their organisation, brilliant! We have partnered with a leading environmental auditor to be able to accurately measure your company’s carbon footprint. With this information they will certify your company as carbon neutral and ZeroSmart funds the projects that enable this to happen. Please get in contact with us at

  • How can you prove the impact?

We send you regular updates on the projects you have supported, including certificates of how many tonnes of CO2 (‘carbon credits’) you have prevented from going into the atmosphere or removed from it. The standards of these projects are certified at the highest level by organisations such as the UN and the Gold Standard.


In terms of trees planted, you can see how many ZeroSmart has bought on our tree planting partner’s site.


But who is checking our partners are actually planting trees? Our partners are regularly audited by third parties, check out this annual audit for our Madagascan tree planting project.

  • How much of the money goes into climate impact?

As much as we possibly can, but still keep enough for this programme to sustain itself. We commit to at least 80% to be spent on climate action (includes any associated fees like carbon offset membership and transaction costs). What we do with the 20%: Our base fee is 12% to both run the platform and attract new customers, then we reserve 8% for the overheads of business specific features, services and account management.

  • Is this tax deductible?

It is likely that any business undertaking this expenditure will obtain a business benefit in the promotion of the business, and therefore it is likely to be a tax deductible expense for most trading businesses.


We recommend you seek financial advice if uncertain.

  • What do I need to do to start?

To get started, all we need is how many employees you have. Click here to get started.