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ZeroSmart for business

Climate friendly workforce

Achieve your Net Zero targets. Make your team carbon neutral. Grow a company forest.

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Your business can achieve massive climate impact

We help businesses achieve verified climate friendly workforce status.


Offset the carbon emissions from the personal and professional lives of your employees. Plant trees and support trusted scientific projects that reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions every month. 

Join the climate revolution for as little as £8 per employee per month. 

Your business impact

per employee, per year

60 trees planted

Sixty trees will be planted for each employee every year. We also ensure the trees' long-term protection and care.

16 tonnes of CO2 removed

We will remove greenhouse gases from both the personal and professional lives of each of your employees

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Certification badge

You receive a verified badge and certificate recognising your business as having a

Climate Friendly Workforce.

What is a Climate Friendly Workforce?

Employee carbon footprints offset

Every one of your staff members will become climate friendly. This means you'll be offsetting their entire carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more.

All business travel offset

Some business trips are necessary. That's why all of our plans include business travel offsets as standard. Each employee's allowance is based on averages, so you don't have to track or calculate anything.

Plant trees & fund climate projects

You'll be funding the worlds best climate crisis solutions. Every month you'll be planting groves of trees in your company forest, and financing carbon reduction projects from around the world.

About ZeroSmart

ZeroSmart is an environmental social enterprise based in Lincolnshire, UK.


Our aim is to prevent climate change by:

  • planting and protecting 1 billion native trees by 2030;

  • funding scientific climate projects which reduce and remove CO2 from the atmosphere;

  • help UK businesses reach their Net Zero goals.

We only work with the best organisations, such as the UN, and our climate solutions are verified by the world's most trustworthy environmental certifiers. 


Our climate and social impact certified by Gold Standard ®


We are rated 5 stars on Trustpilot

Our partners

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United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC logo

Your subscription comes with sustainable benefits

1. A staff perk

Sustainability is among the most sought-after staff perks for employees in 2021. Retain your hires and attract the best talent with this incredible staff benefit.

2. All business travel offset

Our plans account for your every employee's business and personal travel. Because we use averages there are no complex calculations or tracking needed.​

3. Your own company forest

Cultivate a new kind of company legacy. Your will receive personalised monthly updates on your company forest and the projects you have supported which you can share with both your employees and customers.

4. Achieve CSR objectives

Achieve your company's sustainability goals with our effortless onboarding and expert support. 

5. Climate friendly badge

Show the world your climate friendly workforce and celebrate your extraordinary environmental impact. Our badges come in a range of styles and work with all websites.

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Create your Climate Friendly Workforce

Our climate projects

  • 🎁 What does this gift include?
    With our gift, you'll be making a significant contribution to the environment. Here's what it includes: Reduction of 1x carbon footprint to zero through carbon offsetting; Planting of native trees, their protection, and ongoing care; Personalised certificate with the gift recipient's name; Comprehensive information on the climate projects you've funded. This 3-page PDF includes valuable information about the gift, everything the recipient needs to know, details about the trees and their planting locations, insights into the climate projects being funded, and overall useful information to enhance the recipient's eco-conscious journey; Regular email updates, keeping you and the gift recipient informed about the impact of your gift, and sharing valuable sustainability tips.
  • 🪴 How does it work?
    We've made it simple for you to make a meaningful impact. Here's how it works: We take the average carbon footprint amount (13.4 tonnes of CO2e) and remove the same amount from the atmosphere, through funding carbon offsetting projects and tree planting. Carbon offsetting projects can be anything from building and maintaining a hydropower plant which creates clean, green energy, or providing energy-efficient cooking stoves. But that's not all. We go the extra mile by planting additional trees to ensure the climate impact lasts for generations to come. At ZeroSmart, we're committed to transparency and personalisation. You'll receive a personalised certificate with detailed information about the gift, the trees planted, and the projects your contribution supports. Additionally, you and the gift recipient'll receive regular email updates to keep you informed about the progress of our sustainability initiatives and provide you with valuable tips to enhance your own eco-conscious journeys.
  • 🌳 How many and what kind of trees do you plant?
    We plant trees with purpose and sustainability in mind. Here's what you need to know: We plant four trees per month, and the total number depends on the gift you choose. For example, the 3-month gift includes 12 trees, the 6-month gift includes 24 trees, the 1-year gift includes 48 trees, and the 5-year offset gift includes 240 trees. Rest assured, we prioritise planting native trees and avoid invasive species. The majority of trees we plant are mangroves. They are incredible because not only do they remove five times more CO2 than most native UK trees, but they also provide habitat for both land and sea species, while preventing soil erosion. Choose ZeroSmart to make a lasting impact on the environment, one tree at a time.
  • ⚖️ Why do you offset the average carbon footprint?
    A lot of research shows that carbon footprint calculators are inaccurate, providing estimates significantly lower than your actual footprint. At ZeroSmart, we rely on official government data to calculate that the average carbon footprint for an adult in the UK is 13.4 tonnes of CO2e. While individual emissions may vary, if we collectively offset the average amount, we can achieve carbon neutrality as a community. We also believe in simplifying the process of climate action, as it can often feel alienating for those who wish to make a difference. By offsetting the average carbon footprint, we provide a straightforward solution that empowers everyone to take part in environmental initiatives.
  • 📨 Can you send the gift certificate directly to the recipient?
    Absolutely! Just provide us with the recipient's email address, and we'll send everything directly to them. Don't worry, we'll cc you so you can also witness the impact of your amazing gift.
  • 📬 I don't know the email for the gift recipient. Can I still get them this gift?
    No problem! In such cases, we'll send everything to your email address. You can simply print the certificate and our comprehensive information pack.
  • 🕙 How long does it take to receive the gift certificate?
    It typically takes us up to 48 hours to process your request, though you'll usually receive the email on the same day. A real human manually checks everything to ensure accuracy and registers your details in our system. If you have a specific date in mind, you can request it, and we'll make sure you receive the certificate at 10:00 British time on your selected day. Just remember to provide the date in the relevant text box.
  • 💌 Can I leave a personal message with my gift?
    Absolutely! We encourage you to include a personal message. Simply add it in the text box when purchasing the gift, and we'll include it in the email sent to the gift recipient. Your cute and caring messages truly make our founder Eliana's day!
  • 👩‍💼 What is ZeroSmart and who are the people behind it?
    ZeroSmart is a social enterprise based in Lincolnshire, UK. As a social enterprise, we value both our purpose of preventing climate change and sustainable profits equally. We're not a charity because that can be limiting in fulfilling our goals, but we're also not solely profit-driven. Our decisions prioritise the environment above all else. ZeroSmart is run by a couple, John and Eliana, who met at the University of Leeds. Our journey began in 2020 when we witnessed the positive environmental impact of the Covid pandemic. For the first time in our lives, the river in our town was free from pollution. Inspired by this, we realised that even more could be done. We spoke to many others who cared about the environment but felt unsure about what actions to take. That's how the idea of ZeroSmart came to life. Read more about us, see the awards we've won, or just drop us a message on our About Us page.
  • 🎁 What is the difference between the 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 5-year gifts?
    The length of the gift determines the duration of carbon neutrality for the recipient. This means that during the selected period, their carbon footprint will be ZERO. Every action they take that produces CO2 or equivalent gases has been fully compensated for—100%. For each tonne of CO2 emitted due to their everyday activities like travel, eating, or using electricity, a tonne of CO2 has been removed through our carbon offsetting projects. Choose ZeroSmart to give a gift that not only makes a positive impact but also provides a sustainable future.
  • 💂‍♂️ Why don't you plant trees and fund projects in the UK?
    Honestly, the cost involved is simply not justifiable. The positive difference we can make with your contribution in other parts of the world is exponentially larger compared to what we could achieve by planting trees or investing in projects solely in the UK. Would you rather plant one tree in the UK or fifty trees in Madagascar? Our aim is to maximise the potential of your climate action. After all, we all share the same planet, and solutions to climate change cannot be limited to one country alone.
  • 💸 Where does my money go?
    When you spend with us, your money is allocated to fund carbon offsetting projects, tree planting and protection, and the operational costs of running ZeroSmart. While we would love to endlessly invest in climate projects, we must also ensure fair wages for our employees and spread awareness about climate action. Thanks to people like you, we have already planted over 20,000 trees worldwide and removed thousands of tonnes of CO2.
  • ♻️ My friend is already an environmentalist and probably has no carbon footprint. Why would I buy your gift?
    Purchasing our gift is a powerful way to express your admiration for your environmentally-conscious friend, relative or colleague. While their efforts to minimise their carbon footprint are commendable, our gift offers a unique opportunity to take their dedication a step further. It's not just about reducing personal carbon footprint, but also about contributing to larger-scale environmental solutions. You're choosing this gift because you understand that individual actions, while important, can only go so far. Even the most eco-conscious lifestyles leave behind some carbon footprint. Our gift allows your loved one to actively participate in a holistic approach to environmental care. By supporting sustainable projects and initiatives, they're directly addressing the broader challenge of climate change. Your decision to give this gift goes beyond token gestures. It signifies a commitment to making a real difference. You're showing that you recognise the importance of collective action and are willing to go beyond personal efforts. By purchasing this gift, you're helping your friend or relative channel their passion into tangible results, contributing to a healthier planet for everyone.
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