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Climate Friendly Workforce

Introducing ZeroSmart's Climate Friendly Workforce Subscription


Join the Climate Revolution and Make a Positive Impact Today!


Are you a forward-thinking business committed to both your bottom line and the planet? ZeroSmart's Climate Friendly Workforce Subscription is your gateway to becoming a trailblazer in environmental responsibility. With our subscription, you can effortlessly offset the carbon footprints of your employees and achieve verified Climate Friendly Workforce status, all while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.


Why Choose ZeroSmart's Climate Friendly Workforce Subscription?


At ZeroSmart, we've built a platform that seamlessly aligns with your business's sustainability goals. Our mission is clear: to make a genuine, positive difference to the environment while ensuring your success. By choosing our subscription, you're opting for:


  • Verified Climate Impact: We meticulously select and support the best projects that truly make a difference. Our partnerships with trusted organisations such as the UN and our climate solutions' Gold Standard certification ensure your impact is genuine and measurable.
  • Effortless Sustainability: Our subscription covers every angle, from your employees' business and personal travel to their time outside of work. No complex calculations or tracking required—just a simple, effective solution for a Climate Friendly Workforce.
  • Green Legacy: Cultivate a unique company legacy by supporting projects that matter. With regular updates on your company forest and the impactful projects you've contributed to, you'll have inspiring stories to share with your employees and customers.
  • CSR Objectives Achieved: Our seamless onboarding and expert support make achieving your sustainability goals a breeze. Your commitment to the environment becomes a core part of your corporate social responsibility strategy.
  • Recognised Impact: Showcase your climate-friendly commitment with our range of stylish Climate Friendly Workforce badges. Your extraordinary environmental impact will be celebrated and recognised by both employees and the world.


How Does It Work?


Our subscription model is designed with simplicity and efficacy in mind:


  • Offset Carbon Footprints: We work with the law of averages, offsetting your employees' carbon footprints, including office work, business travel, and personal activities. Our commitment to reducing and removing 16 tonnes of CO2 per person ensures a genuine climate impact.
  • Verified Carbon Projects: Your subscription supports verified carbon projects that meet the highest standards. These projects, including renewable energy initiatives and carbon removal efforts, are independently monitored and certified by reputable organisations like the Gold Standard and Verra Verified Carbon Standard.
  • Tree Planting: While carbon projects have an immediate impact, we also plant trees to provide additional benefits, such as safeguarding biodiversity and long-term carbon removal. Our commitment to planting native tree species aligns with our goal to plant and protect 1 billion trees by 2030.


Take Action Today!


Your journey towards a Climate Friendly Workforce starts here. By subscribing to ZeroSmart, you're not just offsetting carbon; you're making a tangible difference, engaging your employees, and showcasing your commitment to a better planet. Join the climate revolution and embark on a greener, more sustainable future with ZeroSmart's Climate Friendly Workforce Subscription.


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Climate Friendly Workforce

Price Options
Monthly subscription
£8 per employee per month
£8.00every month until canceled
  • Sustainability is among the most sought-after staff perks for employees in 2021. Retain your hires and attract the best talent with this incredible staff benefit.

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