Individual Plan

We don't have long to avoid catastrophic climate change. But what can you do about it? 


With our Individual Plans you can be certain that you're doing your bit against climate change. ZeroSmart finds and funds the best verified climate solutions in the world. Your subscription directly funds climate solutions.


Choose between two very clever climate-friendly options:

Carbon Neutral

  • Reduces your carbon footprint to ZERO
  • At least 13.4 tonnes of CO2 removed per year
  • Equivalent to planting 6,780 trees every year
  • £6 per month


Climate Positive

  • Offset 3x more than your personal carbon footprint 
  • The perfect plan for people who drive or fly more than average or those who want to make the most difference to protecting our planet
  • Equivalent to planting 20,340 trees every year
  • £18 per month


Both plans come with a personalised certificate recognising your climate impact.


Interested in subscribing more than one person? Check out our family plans


This product is a monthly recurring subscription. We understand that things happen sometimes, so we have made it easy for you to cancel this subscription at any time and for any reason by emailing contact@zerosmart.co.uk.

Individual Plan

PriceFrom £6.00
Price Options
£6.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • 1. SIGN UP. Sign up for a subscription plan with ZeroSmart from £6pm. 

    2. OFFSET. Your funds are used to prevent climate change by funding trustworthy scientific climate solutions

    3. IMPACT. Your subscription removes as much CO2 as you produce, making you carbon neutral. We will provide you with regular updates on your impact.