Climate Positive Gifts

Turn somebody you love green in 2021 with a unique eco friendly gift.

All of our gift options reduce your loved one's carbon footprint to ZERO via a clever combination of tree planting and independently verified climate projects.

Make a positive impact this year with our feel good, zero waste, climate positive gifts. Good for you, your loved one, and the planet.

Our most popular gifts

Carbon Super Hero

Carbon Super Hero


Thoughtful, eco-friendly and sustainable, our Carbon Super Hero gift offsets the carbon footprint of your favourite human for 3 months. Let them enjoy life with a clear conscience that they're not contributing to global warming and climate change. 

Pet Super Hero

Pet Super Hero


Funny, eco-friendly and adorable, our Pet Super Hero gift offsets the carbon footprint of your favourite pet for 1 year. Let them run (or fly) and burp (or trump) as much as they want because they're now our favourite planet saving, carbon-free, friend!

Looking for something a little extra? Choose the perfect carbon-neutral gift for your friend by creating a personalised carbon offset gift below or contact us for help

Personalised Carbon Offset Gift

Personalised Carbon Offset Gift


ZeroSmart helps you to easily remove your carbon footprint by enabling verified offsetting projects that have both immediate and long-term positive impacts on our planet's climate.

With ZeroSmart you can become carbon neutral and climate positive the smart way by offsetting your emissions today.

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