Our Solution

We know you don't have the time or space to plant 6,780 trees a year (yup, that's how many it takes to offset an average British citizen's carbon footprint!). With our monthly subscriptions, you can relax in the knowledge that you aren't contributing towards climate change.

Individual Plan

Individual Plan

Reduce your carbon footprint to ZERO by planting trees and supporting top-quality climate projects. 

  • Help prevent climate change

  • Offset between 1x and 3x your carbon footprint

  • Includes a personalised certificate

The Eco Friendly Couple

The Eco Friendly Couple

Family plan

Family plan

Support clever climate projects to reduce the carbon footprints of everyone in your family to ZERO.

  • Make your whole family 100% carbon neutral

  • Includes adults, children and pets

  • Support a green future for everyone you love

Have you seen our sustainable gifts?

Save the world together by supporting ZeroSmart's clever climate projects. Equivalent to planting 1,130 trees per month.

  • Two people's carbon footprints reduced to ZERO

  • Rolling subscription plan and one-off purchase available


ZeroSmart helps you to easily remove your carbon footprint by enabling verified offsetting projects that have both immediate and long-term positive impacts on our planet's climate.

With ZeroSmart you can become carbon neutral and climate positive the smart way by offsetting your emissions today.

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