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Climate Positive Plan

We don't have long to avoid catastrophic climate change. But what can you do about it? 


With this subscription plan you will:

  • plant 12 trees every month
  • remove 3x carbon footprint (40.2tCO2) every year
  • create environmental and social value worth £12,960+ per year


With this Carbon Neutral Plan you can be certain that you're doing your bit against climate change. ZeroSmart funds the best verified climate solutions in the world. Your subscription directly funds climate solutions.


What's included

  • Twelve trees planted every month

We will plant 12 mangrove trees in Madagascar every month dedicated entirely to you. Mangrove trees are 35x more efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide than other tree species. Our tree planting and protection projects provide fair-wage employment for local population and ensure environmental impact long after planting. You will be planting 144 trees in total every year.


  • 40.2 tonnes of CO2 will be removed per year

Every year we will remove THREE carbon footprints from the atmosphere on your behalf. We do this by removing greenhouse gases and reducing your impact on the environment by funding climate solutions. One such solution is our cookstove project in Eritrea. By providing families with fuel-efficinet cookstoves, our project reduces the demand for wood, eases pressure on the natural environment, reduces deforestation and forest degradation, and decreases emissions of CO2 released during the burning process.​ See more projects. 


Every £1 spent with ZeroSmart benefits not only the environment but also the local communities we work with, provides decent jobs, clean water, education and a way out of poverty. You will protect endangered species from extinction by preserving natural habitats such as forests, wetlands, and oceans. Your membership makes a positive impact on Earth's biodiversity. You are certified to create over £12,960 in environmental and social value over the course of a year. 


  • A personalised digital certificate

You will be issued with a personalised digital certificate showing your environmental impact on our planet. 


Are you looking to have an even bigger impact on the environment? Check out our Family plan and include your partner, children, or pets. 

Climate Positive Plan

Price Options
Carbon Neutral Plan
£18.00every month until canceled
  • 1. Sign up for a subscription plan with ZeroSmart at £18pm. 

    2. Your funds are used to prevent climate change by funding trustworthy scientific climate solutions

    3. Your subscription removes three times as much CO2 as you produce, making you climate positive. We will provide you with regular updates on your impact.

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