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The Top Ten Sustainable Wedding Gifts

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Below are sustainable wedding gifts, which are not only sustainable but also thoughtful and consciously made to offer a little token of your love for the new couple starting this new journey together.

1. Recycled Glass Rustic Vases

The first thing on our Top Ten Sustainable Wedding Gifts guide is| these stunning recycled glass rustic vases by The Pink Pheasant. These glass rustic vases are made from recycled glass and use natural dyes. These vases would look beautiful on their own, with flowers or even some LEDs.

Six recycled glass rustic vases
Product screenshot of Pink Pheasant's recycled glass rustic vases.

2. ZeroSmart’s Carbon Offset Gift for Environmental Couples

Give the gift of a guilt-free wedding - ZeroSmart’s Gift for Environmental Couples will remove greenhouse gases and reduce the newlyweds’ impact on the environment by funding multiple climate solutions. There are four different options you can select from, each reducing the couple's joint carbon footprint for a certain period - from 3 months to 2 years.

Each gift comes with a personalised certificate with the giftee’s names showing their climate impact. There is extra information on the trees you’ve planted, the climate solutions you’ve supported and how it all works. Customers have described this Earth-friendly wedding gift as easy, has a fast set-up and doesn't clutter up the newlywed home.

3. StitchAmbition Hand Embroidery Hoops & Personalised Home Decor & Gifts

StitchAmbition makes beautiful, hand made embroidered hoops which are sold on Etsy. All hoops are made bespoke, just for you. All hoops come gift-wrapped and can be sent directly to the recipient of the gift.

White embroidered hoop against a white background
Screenshot of personalised wedding embroidery gift

StitchAmbition aims to spread self-love and kindness as well as mental health awareness throughout their products. For more information check their Instagram @stitchambition.

4. Dried Bouquet Art

Not only is this a beautiful way to preserve the flowers from the bouquet and the wedding, but it also helps to eliminate waste from having to throw away the dead flowers afterwards. The key with this gift is to make a plan with the bride beforehand, as long as she doesn’t already have something in mind for preservation. This gift is incredibly meaningful for the bride and a lovely art piece for the couple to share.

We recommend Creation's Personalised Botanical dried pressed flower frame hanging wall art. Not only will you be able to preserve the flowers but also make a beautiful piece of art for their home.

A product screenshot of three different personalised botanical dried pressed flower frame hanging wall art
Personalised Botanical dried pressed drame hanging wall art by Careation Design’s

5. Vegan Dinner Spice Selection Box

This vegan dinner spice selection box, from the Teaspoon Club, contains five main meal kits. Each is quick and easy, but full of flavour. This is the perfect selection to take the hassle out of choosing what to cook.

The box comes wrapped in recyclable tissue paper printed with eco-friendly inks and a protective sleeve for transport, making them the perfect gift.

 Layout of the product, including spice selection packets.
Products screenshot of the Teaspoon Club’s Vegan Dinners Spice Selection

6. Zero Waste Kitchen Kit

This Zero Waste Kitchen Kit comes from Made Eco London and has been designed to help you make the switch from single-use plastic products within the kitchen to a more natural and sustainable alternative. It comes with two natural sponges, two cotton produce bags, a pot brush and a tote shopping bag.

Product layout against a white background with flowers.
Product screenshot of Made Eco’s zero waste kitchen kit.

For more sustainable kitchen gift ideas check this blog.

7. Silver Birch Tree

In Celtic mythology the Silver Birch tree is sacred and symbolises new beginnings and protection, making it an ideal wedding gift. When you place an order with The Present Tree, you'll receive a planet-friendly wrapped tree, a card with a personal message and an engraved brass plaque.

Product image of The Present Tree’s Silver Birch Tree
Silver Birch Tree from The Present Tree

9. Adopt A Sea Turtle

Animal lovers will rejoice when given this Adopt A Sea Turtle gift, from There are loads of options for this present and so many different animals to choose from that go towards helping endangered animals. From pandas and penguins to monkeys and meerkats, their favourite animal is bound to be there.

Product image from Adopt A Sea Turtle
Adopt a Sea Turtle from

9. Spiral Eco Kraft Scrapbook

This Spiral Eco Kraft Scrapbook by WoodiToys would be a perfect gift for the newlywed couple to fill with mementoes of their day. An ecological scrapbooking album in a cork cover, perfect for sticking photos, souvenirs from forest trips and saving special memories on its 20 cards. Gifts like this create memories for a lifetime and will not just be thrown into landfills.

Product image of WoodiToys scrapbook
Spiral Eco Kraft Scrapbook, by Wooditoys.


That concludes our Top Ten Sustainable Wedding Gifts blog. Are you going to a wedding this year? Follow us on Pinterest for more sustainable wedding gift ideas.


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