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The Top 10 UK Sustainable Alcohol Brands

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

We at ZeroSmart believe a good drink shouldn't cost the earth. Fortunately, a lot of drinks companies think this also.

There are several sustainable alcohol companies that are doing anything from using 100% renewable energy in their distillery process to even creating carbon-negative drinks.

We have put together our list of the Top 10 UK Sustainable Alcohol Brands, including Toast Ale and BIB Wine so you know the best brands to enjoy.

Read on to find out more sustainable alcohol brands.

1. Toast Ale

Toast Ale is an award-winning craft beer brewed with surplus fresh bread. All of their profits go to charities fixing the food system.

Since their beginning, they have saved over 48 tons of CO2 emissions, two million slices of bread and donated over £80,000 to charity. They brew a delicious range of beers from pale ale, to sours and porter.

You can buy Toast Ale directly from their website, Toast can also be bought at Ocada and Getir. You can check which stores stock Toast Ale locally to you here.

We particularly like the Coffee Porter. Definitely worth a try.

A screenshot of five different products offered by Toast Ale.
A selection of drinks from Toast Ale.

2. The BIB Wine

If you are looking for sustainable wine then BIB wine is for you!

BIB currently sells boxes of wine, a taster box and glassware. Their wine claims to suit any lifestyle with practical, financial and environmental benefits.

They are currently ten times more carbon-friendly than glass bottled wine and are 100% recyclable through their Freepost return scheme.

A screenshot off The BIB Wine Company products
Three of BIB Wine Company products

3. The Isle of Wight Distillery

Based in the Isle of Wight, their founders and small team distil their unique spirits whose flavours have been inspired by their unique surroundings.

The Isle of Wight Distillery’s collection is made up of three gins, one vodka and one rum.

They focus on sustainability, conservation and a circular economy.

They have adopted a progressive and sustainable approach by eliminating plastic and using biodegradable materials.

Their spirits can be brought off their website and across several stockists, including Harvey Nichols, M&S and Waitrose.

Isle of Wight distillery mermaid gin, in unique patterned glass bottle.
Isle of Wight Distillery mermaid gin

4. Attic Brew Co

The Attic Brew Co is an all-vegan brewery that brews “forward-thinking beer” from their taproom in Stirchley, Birmingham.

Not only are all of their drinks vegan, but with everything made in their own taproom, the produced carbon footprint is as minimal as possible.

You can buy from their selection on their website.

They offer nationwide delivery, with free delivery on all orders over £50.

Three different drinks made by Attic Brew Co: Intuition (pale), Signals (IPA) and Attic Helles (lager).
A screenshot of three different beers offered by Attic Brew Co.

5. Cooper King Distillery

Cooper King prides itself on making “flavour driven, sustainable drinks” without costing the Earth.

They own England's first carbon-negative gin: with every 700ml bottle of Dry or Herb gin removing 1kg of CO2e more from the atmosphere than they emit.

Cooper King is England's first carbon-negative gin

As well as their Dry and Herb gin being carbon neutral, they plant one square metre of UK woodland for every bottle sold. Their distillery also runs off 100% renewable energy and sources ingredients locally.

Product image of Cooper King’s dry gin.
Cooper King’s award winning gin.

6. Copalli

Copalli Rum is produced at the Copper Tree Distillery in the heart of the tropical rainforest.

Copali rum is made from rainforest canopy water
 A screenshot of Copalli’s rum’s.
Copalli’s three different rum’s.

Their aim as a company is to protect the environment while providing for the local community. Sustainability is instilled into every stage of their production: including their rum being made from rainforest canopy water, yeast, and locally grown non-GMO heirloom sugar cane juice, and nothing else, avoiding the sugar and colouring commonly added by rum brands.

You can buy their products from their website or by checking your local stockists.

7. Seven Bro7hers

Opening in 2014, Seven Bro7hers breweries is a family-run business. They stock four different types of beer: IPA, lager, ale and stout.

Screenshots of Seven Bro7hers’ four different types of beer
Seven Bro7hers core range of beer

Their sustainable beers are made from upcycled cereal (disregarded grains created in the cereal cooking process). They have several locations across the country as well as several different stores listed as stockists.

8. Two Drifters Carbon Negative Rum

Devon-based rum makers Russ and Emma Wakeham have created the world's first carbon-negative distillery.

Two Drifters incorporates sustainability into every step, including having an electric distillery run on 100% renewable energy, electric vehicles and carbon-neutral packaging and courier.

 A screenshot off Two Drifters rum website showering two of their rums under their slogan “Feel Good rum.”
Copalli “Feel Good rum”

They create several different types of rum, including their signature rum, pure white rum and overproof spiced pineapple rum.

9. Beer, There and Everywhere

Open since 2019, Beer, There and Everywhere has been producing fresh keg beer in reusable, refillable containers.

They have opened a new taproom in March 2022 in Marlborough. Here they are going to offer eight different taps of beer and cider. If, like us, you are not going to be local to their new store, you can check their refill map to find fresh beer.

Screenshot of the refill map of Beer, There and Everywhere
Refill map from Beer, There and Everywhere to find fresh beer

10. Greensand Ridge Distillery

Kent-based, the Greensand Ridge distillery runs off 100% renewable power. They also store waste heat for later use and source their ingredients locally.

They boast a large collection of sustainable spirits, including gin, rum and brandy. Products can be found on their website and at local stockists.


This is our list of the top ten sustainable alcohol brands in the UK - we hope we have made your shopping this week easier! Which of these brands have you tried before? Let us know @ZeroSmartuk.

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