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The Easiest Things to do with your Browning Bananas

Did you know that browning bananas create nearly 50 million tonnes of food waste? They have been found to be the leading contributor to household waste. In 2019, the total production of bananas was estimated to be 117 million tons making it a leading crop in the world. With the average banana having a carbon footprint of 80g of CO2e - reducing this waste could reduce huge amounts of carbon. Let’s make reducing food waste our top environmental trend of 2022.

So… what can we do with our browning bananas? Find out in this eco blog!

1. Make Banana Bread

Our favorite recipe is this recipe by SimpleVeganista. This super quick and easy recipe is even better the browner your bananas - with Julie (the SimpleVeganista) describing how the riper your bananas, the less sugar you will need! This simple three-step recipe is the perfect way to use up those otherwise wasted bananas.


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