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The Best Vegan YouTubers

Reducing your meat and dairy intake can help to hugely reduce your carbon footprint. This is why we have put together a list of our favourite vegan YouTubers: Whether you already are vegan, planning to be, or want more inspiration for meatless Mondays - this is the perfect blog to find out which vegan YouTuber is the right one for you.

1. Cheap Lazy Vegan

Cheap Lazy Vegan

Self-proclaimed to be “The Vegan Cooking Channel for the Broke People Who Don't Know What They're Doing.” Rose aka Cheap Lazy Vegan was born in South Korea and moved to Canada when she was a child. Her channel began with the intention of sharing her own thoughts and beliefs about veganism as well as showing some easy vegan ideas.

Her aim is to promote this lifestyle in a way that allows people to understand that being vegan does not have to be difficult, expensive, unattainable or super time-consuming.

2. Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama embraces her Caribbean heritage on her YouTube channel with authentic recipes made vegan including salt fish made from palm hearts and Caribbean rum cake. Rachel’s vibrant personality adds flair to her recipe videos while also portraying a down-to-earth realism.

Her recipes use easy to find and affordable ingredients and focus on whole foods, promoting a healthy vegan diet. She is also an advocate of the low-waste movement and has created videos to help her subscribers follow in her footsteps.

3. Avant Garde Vegan

Avant Garde Vegan

Gaz Oakley, aka Avant Garde Vegan, is a classically trained chef from Wales. After becoming vegan, he began experimenting with food - wanting to create “fresh, vibrant and flavoursome” dishes without animal cruelty.

Some of Gaz’s must-try vegan meals include his 20-minute simple meals, famous vegan lasagna, incredible vegan burgers, and “fish” and chips.

4. Sweet Potato Soul

Sweet Potato Soul

Georgia Peach, aka Sweet Potato Soul, lives in Los Angeles. She has hundreds of delicious and easy-to-make vegan recipes. Her love of healthy cooking shines through in her videos, and they’re incredibly helpful for those just starting their plant-based journey.

She also offers useful guides such as a beginner's guide to going vegan, vegan mistakes and bad habits.

5. The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear started out back in 2004 with Steve, Dave, a tiny shop and a dream of helping people to eat more vegetables. They now consist of a cafe and shop in Greystones, Wicklow, 60 products, 7 online courses and 5 cookbooks!

Their mission is to help everyone to get healthier and be happier.

6. Deliciously Ella

Delicously Ella

Deliciously Ella began in 2012. In 2011, Ella had been diagnosed with a condition called postural tachycardia syndrome, as well as Ehlers-danlos and mast cell activation disorder. Encouraged by stories she had read, she decided to become vegan. The only problem she says was “1) I couldn’t cook; 2) I had no idea how to make plant-based recipes, and 3) I had lost all of my sense of drive”. So, deliciously Ella was born.

7. Hot For Food

Hot For Food with her book Vegan Comfort Classics

Lauren Toyota is a bestselling author of two cookbooks, Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes To Feed Your Face and hot for food all day: easy recipes to level up your vegan meals. She is known for her knack for creating vegan versions of comfort foods like mac and cheese, burgers and even cheesecake - aiming to prove that plant life diets are far from boring.

8. Peaceful Cuisine

Peaceful Cuisine

Ryoya Takashima, aka Peaceful Cuisine, described their mission to be “making more people realise how a vegan lifestyle can be one of the key methods in bringing about world peace as we all strive for the pursuit of happiness”.

If you’re looking for a YouTube channel where you can learn incredible vegan recipes plus beautiful videos, then Peaceful Cuisine is for you.

9. FullyRaw Kristina

FullyRaw Kristina is a writer, speaker and vegan activist. She describes herself as wanting to guide “people who are sick and tired of feeling ‘sick and tired”. Her channel is about committing to not only a raw diet, but a raw lifestyle. A wonderful guide if you are wanting to learn more about the raw lifestyle.


These are our top vegan YouTubers! Have we missed any? Let us know on Instagram @zerosmartuk.


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