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Top 10 Sustainability Blogs in 2022

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The journey into a sustainable lifestyle can be overwhelming. There is lots of information out there, often contradicting. This is why we have put together a list of our top ten favourite bloggers in 2022. These bloggers helped us into our sustainable journey and we hope they can help with yours too!


1. Gypsy Soul

Georgina Caro, sits cross legged infront of her minimalist home.
Georgina Caro, owner of Gypsy Soul.

Georgina Caro (aka Gypsy Soul) is a UK based blogger. Since 2013, she has been striving towards making her and her family’s life as sustainable as possible. She describes her ultimate goal as minimising, simplifying and enjoying life. Through her blog, she wants to help others live their most sustainable and simple journey. Her blog posts include sustainable bamboo cards and garden rooms for your home.

Gypsy Soul Blog, Instagram, Twitter.

2. Moral Fibres

Wendy, owner of Moral Fibres, wears yellow sun dress and brown leather boots.
Wendy, the owner of Moral Fibres.

Moral Fibres is run by a UK mother of two, Wendy. The blog was started in 2013, as a way to help educate and inform people on sustainability. She is a sustainability expert, who researches and writes on all things sustainability. This includes women’s ethical clothing brands, plastic-free tea bags

Moral Fibres Blog, Instagram and Twitter.

3. Ethical Hour

Owner of Ehtical Hour, Sian, drinking a mug of tea.
Sian, the owner of Ethical Hour

Ethical hour is founded by Sian, the founder of #EthicalHour and author of the book “Buy Better Consume Less”. She works with ambitious cause-driven startups, charities, NGOs, CEOs, political parties and lobby groups to create change through the power of communications. Sian first started sharing her journey into a more sustainable living online in 2016, and in 2018 she was named the UK’s Green & Eco Influencer of the Year, and UK Influencer of the Year again in 2020.

Ethical Hour Blog, Instagram and Twitter.

4. Curiously Conscious

Besma, the owner of Curiously Concious, wearing an all white outfit.
Besma, the owner of Curiously Concious.

Besma started her blog in 2014 while living in Paris. The city is where she began to explore more of a sustainable lifestyle: buying fresh food from the organic market next door, bringing her own bags to the shop, and buying investment pieces over fast-changing trends. She describes her ethos as looking for the better things in life. Curiously Conscious was named after her attitude to life, being described as “I like to try new items, places, and experiences that are aware of their impact from start to finish.”

Curiously Conscious Blog, Instagram and Twitter.

5. Get Green Be Well

Founder Kimberly Button smiling wearing a navy blouse.
Get Green, Be well founder Kimberly Button

Get Green Be Well is founded by Kimberly Button. She is a green living and healthy home expert, professional journalist, author, TV correspondent, speaker, editor and award-winning photographer. After more than a decade of battles with conventional medical doctors to find out the cause and cure for her ailments, she started trying to find the answers herself. Once she began cleaning up the products in her home, detoxing her house, and really looking at the ingredients of anything brought into her life (other than just food), her symptoms started to clear up. She describes her mission to be showing others how to protect their health by being mindful of the products you bring into your home.

Get Green Be Well Blog, Instagram and Twitter.

6. Going Zero Waste

Founder of Going Zero sat on her sofa showcasing her books.
Kathryn Kellogg the founder of Zero Waste lifestyle.

Kathryn Kellogg is the founder of Going Zero Waste lifestyle website, dedicated to helping others live a healthier and more sustainable life. She’s a spokesperson for plastic-free living for National Geographic, Chief Sustainability Officer at the One Movement, and author of 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste which breaks eco-friendly, sustainable living down into an easy step by step process with lots of positivity and love. Kathryn started her blog because she wanted people to know they could save money, be healthier, AND be more eco-friendly.

Going Zero Waste Blog, Instagram and Twitter.

The ethical business Earth Bits.

Earthbits is a family run business. They describe their mission as removing all the worry away from the consumer, regarding the effects that our purchases have on the planet. Their blog features posts such as Does Organic Soap Contain Lye? and How to Use an Eco-Friendly Sunscreen.

Ethical Revolution Blog and Instagram.

Vegan soup off Zero & Zen blog.
Zero & Zen: Place to find Vegan recipes.

Self-described to love anything reusable, natural, ethical, organic & 100% plastic-free, they are a family who tries to live a more sustainable lifestyle and invite us on their journey. In this blog, you can find eco-friendly blog posts, eco-products & tasty vegan recipes under one roof .

Zero & Zen Blog, Instagram and Twitter.

Jen Gale holding her book The Sustainable (ish) Living Guide.
Jen Gale, founder of Sustainable (ish) and her book.

Jen began her journey in 2019, wanting to do more. She explores options for widening impact, and for ways to help people come together in 'real life' in their #imperfectlygreen efforts. She wanted to create a space for 'people like me' (knackered, overwhelmed, full of good intentions, short on time and headspace) to come together for fun events, workshops and talks that would help empower us to take action in whatever way works for us.

Sustainable(ish) communities is the outcome of this desire and they have an amazing group of pilot ambassadors around the UK working together to see how they can make this happen. In the blog you can find free resources, opportunities to dig deeper or get more support, and where you can find your tribe, both online and off.

Sustainable (ish) with Gen Gale Blog, Instagram and Twitter.

Zero Wsste "be part of the solution."
Little Green Blog

They describe their mission to empower readers to live more lightly on the earth. They aim to educate so that everyone - householders, businesses, organisations, community groups and schools - can easily and effectively reduce their carbon footprint, save money, preserve resources and be more healthy - in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Their blog consists of articles such 3 Ways to Achieve The Health You Want , Greener, Healthier Choices For Coping With Aches And Pains

Little Green Blog and Twitter.

These are our Top Ten Sustainability blogs. We love them - What do you think? Do you have any more recommendations? Let us know @ZeroSmartUK.


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