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How to Throw the Best Eco Friendly Kids Party

Organising a party for your little one is already stressful enough, without having to consider how to make it eco friendly. That’s why we have pulled together all of our best tried and tested tips to make it as easy as possible. We also put it into a handy tick list for you at the bottom of this article.


Before anything can be organised, invites need to be sent. To make every stage of this party as eco-minded as possible, we recommend using virtual invites. We love PaperlessPost. They have a huge selection of invites which can be personalised, before being sent directly to your guests. Virtual invites are a super easy, cost- and time-effective way of reducing the resources used and waste created through your kid's party.

Four different birthday invites. Designs include zoo animals and dinosaurs.
A small selection of virtual invites from Paperless.


One of the easiest ways to keep decorations as eco as possible is to reuse and repurpose them. Did your friend have a party last month? Could you use some of their decorations? Do you need to buy a whole set of paper plates which will be ultimately binned, or can you repurpose some plates from home?

If you don't have a huge amount of decorations that can be reused or repurposed, we’d recommend mindfully buying reusable things this year.

We love The Conscious Party Box. They offer a huge range of reusable party decorations. Whether you need a jungle theme, unicorns or pirates - they have got you covered. Once this party is over, remember to simply fold them neatly ready for next year.

A screenshot from The Conscious Party Box website, of their Jungle Party box, featuring yellow and black party decorations.
Jungle Themes eco party decorations from The Conscious Party Box.

Now we do know that a lot of decorations cannot be reused. This doesn't mean it cannot be at the party, however!

We particularly like The Original Party Bag Company for sustainably-made decorations, such as confetti, glitter and balloons.


What is a party without party food? A Lot of party food, however, is highly processed and comes in lots of plastic packaging.

One of the easiest ways to avoid huge amounts of plastic packaging is to prepare some of the food yourself. Good party snacks can include finger sandwiches, breadsticks and vegetables (we try to think of foods which people do not need plastic utensils for!).

We also really love making fruit platters. Cutting fruit into different shapes, or laying a selection across the table can create yummy party food in a matter of minutes (and extra brownie points for getting the kids to eat fruit!).

An image of watermelon cut into stars, hearts and into slices.
Fruit is so easy to make into fun snacks.

Use small businesses such as your local bakery to get small cakes and pastries for people to snack on. Avoiding the supermarkets is a great way of easily avoiding heavily packaged food items and reducing the carbon footprint of your party.

Finally, encourage your child to think about your plastic use. How can you substitute single-use drinks bottles or plastic straws? Perhaps you could serve your drinks in glass jugs that can keep being refilled and use recyclable cups over plastic ones.


Now everyone is in and fed, it's time for party games! There is often pressure to go and buy new games for the party - but do you need to? Are there board games at home which you can use?

If this isn't something which you'd like to do, the next most eco-friendly option is to make some games. These can be fun to do together in the days prior to the party. Our favourite home made games include:

🎈 Pinata (made from paper mache and filled with whatever prizes you chose)

🎈 Ring toss (using collected empty bottles and a hoop)

🎈 Egg and spoon race

A multicoloured homemade pinata hanging off a purple string.
A homemade pinata

If repurposing pre-owned games or making your own is not a viable option for your little one’s party - we recommend checking Little Otter Party Supplies. This eco-minded company provides wildlife-themed pass with the parcel gifts. You could have a game made up of prizes such as tree leaves flashcards and sea life wooden magnets - prizes which won’t simply end in a landfill.

Cleaning Up

The final step in throwing the best eco-friendly kids' party is to clean up! We recommend recycling any and all waste which can be. Donate leftover food to party guests, or put it in the compost if you have one. Keep all decorations and utensils which can be used throughout the year for other kids' parties - as well as your one next year! Any gifts which are not going to be used, we would recommend donating to the charity shop.

Congratulations! You have officially thrown the best eco-friendly kids party!

Below is our eco kids party checklist.

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