Group Planting a Tree

Tree planting gift

Christmas gift with enormous climate impact

What's included

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10, 50 or 100 trees planted

Your native tree species will be planted by our partner Eden Reforestation Projects using long-term sustainable planting practices

Planting Trees

Reduced carbon footprint

Each tree naturally removes CO2 from the atmosphere and reduces the gift recipient's carbon footprint

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Personalised certificate

You receive a personalised gift certificate with the giftee's name and a detailed email with information about your trees


What our gift recipients say


"My friend said no physical gifts this year so we don't create more waste and this was the perfect gift!"

- Claire, Leeds

Zero waste gift


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Your gift creates enormous climate impact

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Protection of biodiversity

This gift supports the protection of the natural habitats of animals both on land and in our oceans


Planted by locals

Your native trees are planted, protected and looked after by locals who receive fair wages and social benefits


Lower carbon footprint

Trees are natural carbon sinks which reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, lowering the giftee's carbon footprint

Gift trees this Christmas

10, 50 or 100 trees planted

Reduce carbon footprint

Personalised certificate

Huge climate impact

Good for the planet