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The Gift for Environmentalists

Make a loved one's carbon footprint zero

What's included

12 trees planted

Twelve trees will be planted and dedicated to your loved one. We also ensure the trees' protection and care after.

3.4 tonnes of CO2 removed

We will remove greenhouse gases and reduce the giftee's impact on the environment by funding climate solutions

Personalised certificate

You receive a personalised certificate showing the location of the trees and the positive impact this gift has made on the environment


About us

ZeroSmart is an environmental social enterprise based in Lincolnshire, UK.


Our aim is to prevent climate change by:

  • planting and protecting 1 billion native trees by 2030;

  • funding scientific climate projects which remove CO2 from the atmosphere;

  • help the UK reach its Net Zero goals.

We dedicate more than 80% of our revenue to climate solutions, which are verified by the world's most trustworthy environmental certifiers. 

Climate and social impact certified by Gold Standard ®


Who this gift is for

The eco-conscious

For your friend or relative who recycles, reuses or repurposes everything they find, and doesn't want to create any new waste

Animals lovers

This gift supports the protection of the natural habitats of animals both on land and in our oceans

The ones who care

Whether it's about climate or the livelihoods of the less privileged, this gift supports a green and sustainable future

Our partners

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What our customers say

"Ever since he was a teenager my son has been into sustainability. I'm glad I can support his lifestyle"

- Ama, London

My son loved it

"I can't believe I didn't know about ZeroSmart before and how easy it is to make a difference on our environment"

- Oliver, Nottingham

A better planet for our children

"My friend said no physical gifts for her birthday this year so we don't create more waste and this was the perfect gift!"

- Claire, Leeds

Zero waste birthday gift

This gift creates immediate and long-term benefits

1. Reforestation and protection of native tree species

  • We will plant 12 mangrove trees in Madagascar dedicated entirely to your gift recipient;

  • Mangrove trees are 35x more efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide than other tree species;

  • We will send you the exact location of where your trees will be planted;

  • Our tree planting and protection projects provide fair-wage employment for local population and ensure environmental impact long after planting.

We plant trees to offset your environmental impact

Our project in Eritrea provides families with climate-friendly stoves

2. Reduction and removal of CO2 from atmosphere

  • We support multiple climate solutions which reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases;

  • One of our projects in Eritrea provides families with energy-efficient cook stoves who otherwise would have cut down trees and used wood and charcoal;

  • The provision of these stoves reduces the demand for wood, eases pressure on the natural environment, reduces deforestation and forest degradation, and decreases emissions of CO2 released during the burning process.​

3. Multiplied environmental and social benefits

  • By purchasing this gift, you're creating at least £1,080 in environmental and social value;

  • Every £1 spent with ZeroSmart benefits not only the environment but also the local communities we work with, provides decent jobs, clean water, education and a way out of poverty;

  • You will protect endangered species from extinction by preserving natural habitats such as forests, wetlands, and oceans. Your gift makes a positive impact on Earth's biodiversity.

Protect endangered species with this eco-friendly gift


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