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gift for environmentalists Zerosmart

The Gift for Environmentalists

Plant trees & offset CO2 for your loved ones

What's included

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Plant trees

Your trees will be planted and dedicated to your loved one. We also ensure the trees' protection and care after.

Industrial Smoke

Reduce carbon footprint

We will remove greenhouse gases and reduce the giftee's impact on the environment by funding climate solutions.


Personalised certificate

You receive a personalised certificate showing the positive impact this gift has made on the environment, along with more info on how it works

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What other customers say

Avatar 110

Wonderful gift for a loved one

We all want to do more for our planet. What a wonderful thing to gift to someone you care about

- Mark on Trustpilot

Avatar 102

In line with the way they live

Easy, fast setup, delivery was on time. [They] loved it as a present, it's in line with the way they live and it doesn't clutter their home :)

- Francesca on Trustpilot

Avatar 94

Zero carbon emissions

I decided to offset a family member's carbon emissions by buying a gift from ZeroSmart. I strongly recommend this company.

- Stefan on Google Reviews

We're rated 4.9 stars on


Your climate gift in details

1. Plant native tree species

  • We plant native trees in Madagascar in the name of your gift recipient

  • Your trees are planted, protected and cared after by locals who are given fair wage employment

  • Many of the trees we plant are mangroves which are 5x more efficient at absorbing CO2 than UK tree species


We plant native trees where they're most needed


2. Reduce carbon footprint via carbon offsetting

  • Your giftee's carbon footprint is reduced to zero for a period between 3 months and 2 years, depending on which gift option you go for

  • Our project in Eritrea provides families with energy-efficient stoves which reduce deforestation and CO2 emissions released during the burning process

Our project in Eritrea provides families with climate-friendly stoves

3. Personalised certificate & information on impact

  • Your gift comes with a personalised certificate with the giftee's name showing their climate impact

  • We include extra information on the trees you've planted, the climate solutions you've supported and how it all works (all in a handy printable PDF)

  • Choose if you want us to send the gift directly to the recipient's email, on which date, and if you'd like to add a personal message

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Easy to understand summary of climate impact

Find out moe
Buy gift

Choose your gift of a green future

  • plant 12 trees

  • 3 months' worth of carbon footprint removed forever

  • plant 24 trees

  • 6 months' worth of carbon footprint removed forever

  • plant 48 trees

  • 1 year's worth of carbon footprint removed forever

  • plant 96 trees

  • 2 years' worth of carbon footprint removed forever

All gifts include personalised certificate & info on climate impact​ created

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