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Become climate positive.

Reduce your carbon footprint to ZERO from £1.50 per week.

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We have calculated the carbon footprint of the average British adult, child and pet, and how much CO2 a tree can offset

We fund immediate-impact climate projects and plant

      trees to offset your carbon

         footprint with the funds

        from your monthly subscription

We partner with the highest quality climate projects to plant your trees and offset your carbon footprint

Your action removes at least 13.4 tonnes of CO2 per adult per year to ensure you remove more greenhouse gases than you contribute 

 Our plans 

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13.4 tonnes

The average carbon footprint per UK adult per year. We remove at least 13.4 tonnes of CO2 per adult per year via both immediate and long-term projects so you can be confident that you are carbon neutral both now and in the future

6,780 trees

How many trees each person would have to plant every year to offset their carbon footprint, and the equivalent amount we plant per adult subscriber for you. We also fund climate projects with immediate impact alongside our long-term tree planting and protection

87 seconds

How long it takes on average for you and your family to sign up for ZeroSmart and become carbon neutral. A small and simple act that helps to safeguard the future of our planet for all lifeforms and prevent climate change today

Reading a Book

from £1.50 per week

  • Reduce your monthly carbon footprint to ZERO and become carbon neutral today

  • Give back more to the planet than you take

Young Family

from £1.75 per week

  • Remove your family's footprint

  • Include your partner, your children, even your pet!

  • Help secure our planet's future

Holding Plant

from £72 per year lived

  • Offset your carbon footprint since your birth

  • Become a carbon neutral human


ZeroSmart helps you to easily remove your carbon footprint by enabling verified offsetting projects that have both immediate and long-term positive impacts on our planet's climate.

With ZeroSmart you can become carbon neutral and climate positive the smart way by offsetting your emissions today.

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Based in Lincolnshire,

United Kingdom

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