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Become climate positive

Reduce 100% of your carbon footprint to ZERO
Plant trees and fund climate projects

"Easy to sign up, very informative and gratifying that my carbon footprint is reduced"

"Affordable and trustworthy!"

"Inspiring with how easy it is to do something impactful"

Trudi, Grantham

Stef, London

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What we do




Humanity needs to take immediate action to prevent climate change

We find and fund the most effective climate projects which remove CO2 from the atmosphere

You become carbon neutral by reducing your net carbon footprint to ZERO


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We partner with the best and most trusted in climate action

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Our projects


Cook stoves in Eritrea

Reducing deforestation and pollution emitted from domestic cooking activities

20190816_Mahajunga_0018 madagascar emplo

Reforesting Madagascar

Planting mangroves to remove CO2, restore native forests and provide fair wages to local community

Cow and Calf

Cow feed in Denmark

Reducing methane emissions resulting from cow feed fermentation

We follow a two-part strategy to reduce your carbon footprint to zero. We plant trees to sequester CO2, while we also invest in projects that have an immediate impact on our climate.

All our projects comply with international standards on climate action. Your support helps us fund these and many more climate solutions

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