Carbon Super Hero

Know somebody who is passionate about the planet? Or do you want to help someone discover how easy it can be to make a difference? Give the most environmentally friendly gift ever and make them carbon neutral today.


  • Reduce their carbon footprint to ZERO for three months using scientific climate solutions. 
  • Perfect for a wide range of events including birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, New Year, graduation, weddings, anniversaries and other life events worth celebrating.
  • Includes a personalised certificate. 


You can also get gifts for multiple people (or pets!). Just add each to the cart individually and check out at the end.

Carbon Super Hero

  • Your purchase funds clever climate projects which support biodiversity and fight climate change. These projects remove the same amount of harmful emissions from our atmosphere as your friend produces.

    Find out more about the projects we support at:  https://www.zerosmart.co.uk/our-projects