It takes more than just meat-free Mondays or recycling every piece of plastic you find to prevent climate change. We know it's not feasible for everybody to go vegan or plastic-free overnight.

ZeroSmart enables you to protect the environment and become carbon neutral quickly and easily.

We plant trees and fund accredited climate positive projects to reduce your carbon footprint to ZERO. All of our projects are independently verified by trusted third-parties such as the UN.

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We have calculated the average carbon footprint for every British citizen, including adults, children, and pets. We have used a range of trustworthy data sources, such as the WWFthe EUand the UK government's ONS. We have also calculated how many trees it would take to offset that carbon footprint, taking into account important factors such as the species of tree and the tree's expected lifetime.


We work with the highest quality climate projects and organisations such as The Eden Projects and The Gold Standard. We believe in climate change, the UN sustainability goals, and that it is possible to create a better future for our children. Most importantly, we believe in making it easy for everybody to fight climate change.


Your money is used for the planting, upkeep, management, and protection of your trees as well as fair wages for all involved. The trees we plant for you and the projects we implement each month offset your month's carbon emissions and consumption based on an average UK citizen's carbon footprint of 13.4 tonnes of CO2 per year.


Your trees are planted in the most efficient and environmentally friendly locations. Your trees are planted, cared for, and protected by experienced professionals and dedicated locals who are paid fair wages at every stage of the process.

Every project we support, including all tree planting, is regularly verified by third-party organisations such as Verra and the United Nations FCCC.


ZeroSmart helps you to easily remove your carbon footprint by enabling verified offsetting projects that have both immediate and long-term positive impacts on our planet's climate.

With ZeroSmart you can become carbon neutral and climate positive the smart way by offsetting your emissions today.

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